Gallery Showcase: Veronica Steam

Veronica Steam

Atlanta, Georgia


Bio from Veronica Steam’s site:

“My name is Veronica Steam. You may call me Goddess. I am an Atlanta- based Domina and Fetish model. Every day I make this world a better place by simply existing. Which stings more- my sharp tongue or whip? Find out for yourself.”


Veronica Steam Gallery Showcase


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Gallery Showcase: Evil Opal

Evil Opal

Tampa Bay, Florida



Bio from Evil Opal

“I’m a very sensual Domina. That doesn’t mean I can’t dish out the pain – I’ve taken plenty of “pain sluts” to their limits. What it does mean is that I like to toy with ALL of my submissive’s senses during a scene – I might switch from whipping his ass to caressing him with a silk scarf as I hold my hand around his throat and murmur dangerous promises in his ear. I’ll very often put my panties on his head, or rub my fingers wet with my pussy juices around his mouth and nose so he can smell and taste me while I beat him, driving him even deeper into submissive headspace. That’s why a domination session with me is always a very erotic experience.

I’m also a huge tease with a super high sex drive so cuckolding comes very naturally to me. I have a big fetish for consensual non-consent and tremendous expertise with a strapon. Combined with my elegant feminine style this makes me very popular with girly boys. I adore makeup and lingerie and playing dress-up so using sissies like life-size Barbie dolls & turning them into my slutty little sex-toys is great fun for me.

I think being a mature Domina (I’m going on 50) gives me a special wisdom in guiding my subs. I know a lot of extremely talented young dommes but those extra decades give a lady so much wider of an experience with life. When I first started doing professional domination about ten years ago I was surprised at how many very young men sought my attentions. But now I recognize the allure to them of an older woman who knows what she wants and is confident in her own power.

I also find being a plus sized dominatrix a great asset. I’m lucky to have a beautifully proportioned body, with lush curves like something out of a Namio drawing. And I love using this to my advantage, doing things like facesitting and smothering men with my large natural breasts. I can make a man feel trapped using nothing but the weight and strength of my own body. Being a big lady lends itself to fun fantasies like giantess scenes and crushing too, which are some of my favorite types of clips to film.

There’s one other more unusual fetish that I’m very into and that is wet & messy play. I personally adore dressing up in sexy officewear or a lovely formal gown and then going swimming. Knowing people are out there getting off from looking at me all wet is a huge rush. And using messy things like food or mud to humiliate a sub can be so much fun! It brings such a playful sensual dimension to a scene that’s right up my alley as a sensually evil dominatrix.”


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Top Dropping – Dommes Can Drop Too by Miss Kate

Yes, a Domme is a Real Human, with Real Human Emotions

By Feature Writer Miss Kate

I am sure anyone reading this is well aware of the term “sub dropping”. For those of you who are new, it is the state that can happen after a sub leaves subspace. During subspace, the body releases all type of feel good hormones and chemicals, often giving them a “high” feeling. It can last anywhere from hours to days. And they usually do not want to leave the wonderful blissful state they are in.

However, what goes up, must come down. As the sub’s endorphins drop, there can be a mixed bag of things going on from physical to emotional. A drop can happen even after just one session. They may get the blues, they may feel aches and pains, tiredness, and the list goes on. The way the endorphins leave the body so rapidly can be likened to a hangover or an opiate withdrawal. Sometimes, it can even lead into a depression. This is why aftercare is so very important. There are different degrees of drop, but I will save that for another time.

What is often lesser known or talked about however, is the Top drop. Yes, Tops can drop. I will be honest, in my whole six-year career as a Pro-Domme, I had never even heard of Top drop. That is, until I dropped myself. I had no clue what the hell was going on. All I knew was that, out of nowhere, I got deeply upset. I started to rant and rave to a few close friends that I was a terrible Domme and that I was quitting altogether. I was truly baffled by my feelings. Until someone in my group privately messaged me and told me what was up! She said “Look, you’re fine. You’re just dropping.”. Of course, my natural reaction was, “What? No, I am not. Tops don’t drop”. She then gently explained to me how and why Tops can drop.

Well of course Tops can drop. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that we are, in fact, mere humans. Whether you are a lifestyle, pro, or both, sometimes it is easy for your ego to get inflated, especially when you are constantly being put on a pedestal. When you are constantly the one in the driver’s seat, calling all the shots, it is easy to go on a power trip. It itself can give you a high. A lifestyle Domme can feel it a bit more roughly because play sessions are going to have a huge element of intimacy to it. But even a Domme who is strictly pro can have an intense session where emotions run high, endorphins a-flowing adrenaline a-pumping. Afterwards, something just seems . . . amiss. I have heard Dommes describe it as feeling “weird” before.

What are some of the symptoms of a Top drop? Essentially, they are the same as a sub drop. Both Tops and subs experience euphoria during a session, and both can experience sadness, anxiety, and worry afterwards. But there is one glaring difference: Top drops often include feelings of guilt. Perhaps there are feelings of crossing a line, or that you may have been to rough, possibly you were a little bit too intense.

So, if aftercare is important in easing a sub out of subspace gently and hopefully minimizing the chance of a drop, what can a Top do to prevent or while dropping? I am not too sure if there are many preventive measures, per se, since you never know how a scene will play out. But while your dropping you must primarily recognize it for what it is; a drop. Take part in activities that engage you; read a book; watch a comedy; occupy yourself with your hobby; take general “me” time. This, too, shall pass. Do not think of giving in or up. Do not change your practise of doing things if it is what works for you. And if you are feeling super intense or depressed, communicate with your sub (if possible). Despite them being your submissive, they do realize you are human and have human emotions.

And lastly, just like you would make sure your sub was well hydrated and has had a healthy meal, make sure you do that yourself.


Gallery Showcase: Mistress Petrana

Mistress Petrana

Czech Republic


From Mistress Petrana’s profile:

“My name is Mistress Petrana. I am a young Lifestyle and Professional Mistress from the Czech Republic. I live in the Czech Republic but I also travel a lot. If you like you can visit Me in Prague or Brno or I might travel to your hometown. 

I enjoy the Femdom lifestyle very much because it allows Me to realise My wishes and live out My life’s desires. I enjoy indulging Myself in luxury and I require nothing but the best from My slaves. I own several slaves and have a personal slave, all of them are fully devoted to Me. They are My personal property and I train them constantly to improve their behaviour, make them better slaves, and mold them to My liking. Being a slave of Mine means that I am in FULL control. My slaves have no rights whatsoever and I alone decide what is good for them. They are not allowed to masturbate and are only allowed to cum when I give them permission.

My slaves are generally well behaved. Whenever they misbehave or fail to please Me to My standards I inflict harsh punishments on them and whip them back in shape. I am very sadistic and I very much enjoy inflicting pain, so I often torture them just for My own amusement and sadistic pleasure. There is nothing I love more than to see a slave down on it’s knees suffering for My sadistic pleasure. I love all types of BDSM play and really enjoy impact play, face slapping, canning, flogging and whipping My slaves, torturing their nipples, inflicting CBT on them, ballbusting, trampling them under My perfect feet and so much more. 

When I have time I love to travel. I like to discover new places and I enjoy staying at nice hotels, going to restaurants, going shopping, and visiting nice places and meeting new people.

Life is an adventure and I live it to the fullest.”


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