If you’re looking for a promotional boost then DommeLinx offers 300×250 box ads and sponsorship ads on DommeLinx Video Interviews for a price that’s much more reasonable than the industry standard.

One of the great benefits of having a box ad is that it will link to your website, so you get traffic directly from

Plus you also get a boost from the search engines because they see that you have a site worth linking to.

A sponsorship ad on DommeLinx Interviews will help you reach an even wider audience that includes Periscope, Twitter, YouTube,, and Dirk Hooper’s entire social media network.


Right now, we are offering a 300×250 box ad that links to your site or social media profile for,

$65 for one month, or $100 for three months.

We can do the ad design for you, or you can use your own design.

Bonus: Social Media Boost!

Periodically we will do a Sponsor tweets that originate from @DommeLinx on Twitter and will be pushed to reach across Dirk Hooper’s Twitter account and across his extended social media presence. If you have something important coming up, or something you’d like to push we can work that into the sponsor tweet.

This is going to give you a much wider reach around the internet.

Bonus: Social Media Boost Number Two!

DommeLinx Box Ad Sponsors have their tweets displayed on the FRONT PAGE of and every post on the site.

Once you become a sponsor your Twitter address will be added to the DommeLinx list and will be displayed on the front page of the site and across all of the posts. The feed updates every hour.

Visitors to can see your tweet and click on it to follow you or interact.

New! Sponsor Ads for DommeLinx Interviews

We are currently looking for sponsors for individual episodes of our DommeLinx video interviews.

Sponsorship of an episode of DommeLinx Interviews will include:

  1. A mention at the top of the LIVE broadcast.
  2. A 15 second ad during the broadcast, read by Dirk Hooper.
  3. A mention at the end of the LIVE broadcast.
  4. A 728×90 leaderboard ad on the post for the episode.
  5. The mentions in the show will be part of the YouTube post as well.


If you’re interested in a box ad please contact Dirk Hooper directly at