Feature Gallery: Miss Lila Sage

Miss Lila Sage
Los Angeles, California, USA

About Miss Lila Sage

“I am Miss Lila Sage, psychological seductress, and sensual sadist.

My work as a lifestyle Mistress has been featured in Playboy magazine, LA Fashion Week, and various BDSM events around the globe.

I believe everything is in the minutiae and use my keen powers of observation to intuit exactly what buttons to push to get the reactions I crave.

As a well-read and cultured lady, I desire intellect and thoughtful conversation and when I lose interest I am sure to have a gag handy. My most powerful tool in my arsenal is my voice.

In my sessions I use techniques of erotic hypnosis, behavior modification, and my feminine charm to penetrate deeper into the subconscious and lull my pets into a state of delicious surrender.

An active member of the BDSM community, I created a fetish cabaret company called Madcap Creative to showcase fetish as art and educate about kink and consent culture.”

Miss Lila Sage Feature Gallery

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More on Miss Lila Sage

Instagram: @MissLilaSage

Twitter: @MissLilaSage

Website: www.MissLilaSage.com

Madcap creative: http://www.madcapcreativela.com/

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning fetish photographer, award-winning professional writer, audiobook narrator, podcasting producer and host, journalist for the fetish community, BDSM mentor, and adult personal branding and marketing consultant for Sexy Networking.
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