Findom 101 by Von Nette

I have strong opinions on topics that are My passion. I want to get right to the point, starting with the topic that’s My greatest passion… Financial Domination.

What a beautiful fetish! Too bad that it has such a questionable reputation. It’s a huge taboo and I’m tired of keeping this wonderful fetish a secret. That will end now. I am the one who will break that taboo!

Obviously, each Dominatrix has her own ways of working but, I’m here to tell you My way and My outlook on these subjects! Grab your notebooks and get ready to be intrigued, here comes FinDom 101 with VonNette!

From strong bonds between subs and their Dommes, to different kinks that are unique and must be treated with respect, I think it is time that I shed some light on the mystery called FinDom.

Is This is Real Fetish?                          

Financial Domination is a very real fetish. There are men and women who desire to be stripped down of control, to be financially dominated. How sensual and erotic can it be to strip down mentally, stand there bare, handing over your hard-earned money, power and total control to someone else? Total power exchange (TPE) is the ultimate form of submission.

A sub sending money to his superior Domme is expressing his admiration, respect, submission and the fact that they are serious and committed to serving you loyally. In the fetish world, this is called tributing.

When first approaching a Financial Domme tribute is a must! I don’t know any Financial Dominatrix who would give her precious time to a sub without initial tribute.

Why is Tribute Required?

First of all that is the core of this fetish;  money transfer.

Second, financial domination usually happens via the internet, and as we all know there are lots of scammers out there.

There are also fake dommes who get into this in the hopes of easy money. Fake people are trying to get less-experienced Dommes to give services and their precious time to them for free. It is important to know that they are fake! They are not finslaves.

These idiots are the ones that stain the reputation of FinDom and everyone in the FinDom scene! That makes it extremely hard for us Dommes to do our job since a bunch of time is spent to weed out the fakes.

I think that the true finslaves are just as sick of this phenomenon of scamming. Gladly, the fetish community is tight and we don’t hesitate to expose fake subs and fake Dommes.

Are Men Stupid to Submit?                             

”How stupid those men are to send money to girls for nothing” – That’s a sentence I hear too much, and it’s a huge misunderstanding!

It couldn’t be further from the truth! Having a fetish never made anyone stupid! That ”nothing” is everything. This is hard work. I love mixing business with pleasure. That’s My outlook on My FinDom work.                                                                                                                   

Most finslaves are extremely smart and have careers with lots of power, responsibility and big decisions. Most are in fact powerful in their vanilla life, that’s why giving up power must feel so good.

To get that sense of relief, knowing that someone else is in charge now. It’s their time to relax and enjoy. 

Advice to Subs

You must have that extra money to spend.  That is quite relevant since broke paypigs are just pigs. You need to have that extra money to spend on this fetish. Some even take up a second job to support their fetish of financial domination. FinDom is not cheap!

Finslaves enjoy the feeling of submission and giving up control. They know that all big decisions are made by their trusted domme. The D/s relationship is based on mutual trust. Subs can let go of all the stress and enjoy the feeling of complete loss of control.

It is the feeling of weakness that most subs crave.

It is completely possible to live a happy vanilla life whilst serving a domme and diving deep into all your darkest desires. Many live their life without having the courage to actually go through with their fantasy. That’s a shame. In the age of social media, there is a right Domme for each sub. You just have to find her.

As a beta, it might be very intimidating to even think about reaching out to a Domme and laying out your most personal secrets, your kinks. Especially in the beginning when you can’t know if your chemistry matches with the person you’re tributing.

It’s always a gamble, but you can limit the risks with a bit of research. If you don’t bond with her,  the worst case scenario is tributing a gorgeous powerful woman and showing her your admiration. Not a big loss. Then you just move on to the next until you fall for the Domme that is meant for you.                                                                                              

To prevent this scenario, do your research. No matter what platform you’re on, get to know the Domme through their profile. Usually, that educates you on their kinks and style of domination.

Even if it would be just a money transfer without any connection, it might still be intimidating to tribute a Domme.

A common fear that subs have is to let their Domme down, this fear can get so strong that you pull away and keep suppressing your true desires. My tip to you subs out there is to just do it. Don’t stress about the sum. True Dommes appreciate any tribute, even the small ones.

Also, I think it’s idiotic to ask a Domme how much to send. The answer is always all you can.

Is FinDom Related to Sugar Daddies?

No way! A common mistake is to confuse financial domination with being a sugar daddy. The truth is that being a FinDomme couldn’t be further away from being a sugar baby. Like the word says, us Dommes are dominant.

Sugar babies, on the other hand, are sometimes submissive and often there is sex involved in a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. The only thing we have in common is that both relationships revolve around money and giving beautiful women resources to live out her dreams with funded treats and activities.

About D/S Relationships

Most submissives have other kinks in addition to financial domination.

By serving a professional Domme who herself also has a passion for domination gives a sense of comfort since you can trust that the Domme knows the art of domination and mind control. No matter what unique kinks each sub has, a Pro Domme knows how to exploit them to create the fantasy their subs are lusting for!

Each D/s relationship is unique. Each sub has their own kinks that must be catered to gain the trust and bond to have a satisfying experience. Everyone has a unique budget and limits. Those fetishes combined with FinDom is the dream of ultimate bliss.

FinDom Is Sensual

The sub must make sure that his Domme has everything she needs to live a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. Financial Domination from the submissive’s perspective is about making sacrifices if needed to please the superior.

It is about your dream Dommes satisfaction. Every single sub I know lives for hearing the words “Good boy,” from the Goddess. Satisfying the Domme financially is the goal. That’s the only way a beta can bring pleasure to a beautiful Goddess.

Does FinDom Ruin Lives?

To Me, it is not about ruining the submissives lives or credits. It’s very much the opposite. I bring pleasure, meaning, and worth to My slave’s lives.

Don’t get Me wrong. There are Dommes out there that don’t bond with their slaves as deeply to feel actual care towards them.

I don’t want to judge but I believe that a true Domme cares.        

By ‘true Domme’ I mean someone who gets turned on receiving money and having control over their inferior.

Why I Love FinDom

My dream relationship with a sub would be to share multiple other kinks in addition to financial domination. I truly do enjoy what I do.

I take great pride in My sultry power to bring men to their knees. Getting money in exchange for existing is hot!  I might break you down with My power and domination, but I do it to build you up to become the slave you’ve always desired to be.

Sometimes I feel that I’m both Domme and a life coach at the same time. My subs rely on Me and I take pride in making sure that My slaves are emotionally healthy and ready to receive what’s coming.

FinDom can either be the cure or the cause of mental health issues, and it must be taken seriously.

This topic is so deep that it’s impossible to cover in one article.

With Me, you will start a journey diving deep into the fetish life with all the beauty that it involves.                                  

Keep it kinky… XX VonNette

About Von Nette

I am a professional Fetishist, Model, FinDomme, FemDomme, seductress and your favorite addiction. I’m a sensual, deep woman full of mystery and surprises.

I get frequently asked if Von Nette is Me or an alter ego. The answer is both. It’s a side of Me that I must express. It’s a side that wants to break all taboos and get to the bottom of things. A side that loves to make a lasting impression through My art…now I’ve come to the conclusion that I am the art. I can’t suffocate this side of Me any longer. I was put on this earth to create. I must fulfill that passion!

I won EroAward 2018 category ‘Supreme Goddess’ only 6 months into My work. Financial Domination is a form of art that only a few masters, I love what I do and have fun with it. I hope you enjoy Me , My work and outlook on different taboo subjects as much as I truly enjoy creating content.

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