Goddess Severa

Los Angeles, California, USA


I am the incomparable 6’5” Amazon Goddess Severa.  I combine the beauty of a model with the kinkiness of a Dominatrix and the strength of a former professional athlete.  My statuesque, lean– yet curvy and naturally muscled proportions inspire awe in those lucky enough to behold Me in person. I bring intelligence, athleticism, joie de vivre and innate desire to connect with others, creating an indelible experience.

I have been a pro-Domina for over twenty years and am educated in the application of pain and pleasure as well as playing with a variety of fetishes. Notably, I have extensive training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have attained the level of black belt.  My style of domination combines seduction with manipulation and kindness with sadistic glee. I’m adept at eliciting the submissiveness and corruptness of even the most resistant and am skilled at putting people at ease. Whatever your scenario, I am deviously talented at bringing it to life from haughty and cruel to sweetly sinister.  I excel at role play, hands on corporal punishment and beat downs, height comparison and wrestling related scenarios. Most importantly, I enjoy what I do and love meeting fellow kinksters and wrestling enthusiasts.

I’m open to requests from polite and respectful playmates.

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Email: GoddessSevera@Yahoo.com

Website: https://www.goddesssevera.com

Skype: https://www.goddesssevera.com/meetings.htm

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoddessSevera

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