Julie Simone Interview

Questions in this Episode

  1. You became familiar with the BDSM lifestyle through an accidental turn in the glamour modeling arena. Please take us back to when you discovered BDSM. Can you tell us more about that event?
  2. You started out as a bottom. What did you learn from that experience? And how did it affect what you’ve done once you started taking the dominant role?
  3. How did you learn rope bondage? You now teach rope bondage. What’s your advice for people who are interested in learning rope bondage?
  4. You’ve been a bondage consultant for mainstream films. Please tell us some of those films and what that experience was like.
  5. You started directing and producing DVDs early on, and got awards and recognition for your work quickly. What was it like when you started? How has your workflow and equipment changed over the years?
  6. You have an insane amount of content available on Clips4Sale with over 431 pages of clips! You also have your own site, JulieSimone.com that offers photos and films for members. How have you managed to stay so busy, for so long? What drives you?
  7. On your site JulieSimone.com, you list some of the subject of your work, which include pegging, humiliation, objectification, smoking, and so much more. What are your favorite subjects in your films? What do you think makes your work stand out from everyone else? Is there something you’d like to do that you haven’t done in clips or movies?
  8. About seven years ago you were awarded the AVN Hall of Fame and the Indie Porn Icon award at the Feminist Porn Awards. What was it like to receive those awards?
  9. Around the same time you released two films, “Deconstructed Beauty” and “The Perfect Woman Awakens” that had much more serious tones and used fetish imagery to depict emotional pain and suffering, and unconventional ways to release that pain. BDSM is an exceptionally effective way of dealing with some dark stuff for some people. Can you talk more about those films, and about BDSM as a way to heal?
  10. How has the current trend in government (SESTA/FOSTA, what’s happening in Europe) affected your business, or has it?
  11. @rockingrocker0 – Thank you DirkHooper for giving us the opportunity to ask a question to one of the best!! juliesimone7 my question to her will be what is the advice you will give to the younger dommes who have just started!?
  12. From Empress Raven @raven_empress- My questions to juliesimone are, how do you create longevity in the Pro Domme world of sameness? And how does a newbie like myself, master the art of psychology?
  13. You’ve achieved so much already. What are your goals in the future?
  14. Bonus round: What’s your favorite movie, book, or music? You’re welcome to answer all of those or just whatever you prefer.

Julie Simone Bio

Julie Simone is an AVN Hall of Fame Fetish Star of over 300 DVDs. A Feminist Porn Awards Indie Icon (2013), Best Kink Video (2012), Best Rigger (Ropework) SIGNY Awards, 2004. Nominee Best Fetish Performer Venus Berlin and AVN x 3.

She has shown her short films around the world including Cinekink NYC, Berlin Porn Film Festival, Pop Festival Rio, Fetisch Film Fest Kiel, as well as festivals in Israel, Spain, France, Munich, and Los Angeles.

Magazines she’s been published in include: Hustler, Bizarre, Nugget, Marquis, Skin Two, Knave, Secret, Sub Space, Sinical, Kink Queens, Leg Show, Leg World, Darkside and more!

She says she likes her scenes to be real, authentic, and intense. Her fetishes include latex, smoking, foot fetish, stockings, big butts, big tits, financial domination, bondage, and… she’s based in St Louis, Mo.

Julie Simone Links

Main Site: www.JulieSimone.com
Booking: www.JuliesBitchBoys.com

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning fetish photographer, award-winning professional writer, audiobook narrator, podcasting producer and host, journalist for the fetish community, BDSM mentor, and adult personal branding and marketing consultant for Sexy Networking.
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