Press Release: DomCon New Orleans Parade in the French Quarter

New Orleans, LA – DomCon will be holding a traditional Second Line Parade in the French Quarter as part of the DomCon New Orleans convention, honoring ProDom/mes in the BDSM community, who have recently passed away. 

“Like New Orleans, the BDSM Community is rich with tradition” stated Mistress Cyan, DomCon founder. “We’ve initiated an annual international memorial for all professional dominants, mourning their loss, while proudly marching together with those who are still with us.”

The parade will start Friday, October 5th at 8:00 P.M. with a gathering at the Canal Street entrance of the DomCon host hotel, Astor Crowne Plaza. The parade route will circle through the French Quarter for about a half mile, and return to the host hotel for the DomCon Friday night 9 pm play party. Second Line Parades are a uniquely New Orleans tradition, where mourners follow the lead of the First Line of immediate family and a brass jazz band. The band begins with a sad dirge, they then break into joyful music to celebrate life as the paraders dance behind them and anyone is welcome to jump in to join in the revelry. 

Among those honored in the procession are the late Mistress January Seraph, Mistress Cyber, Mistress Benay, Mistress Dometria, St. Michael, Mistress Demonic, Mistress Coral Korrupt, and Master Aryn Blaque. “Following the Big Easy custom, we will begin by paying our respects,” said Goddess Phoenix, sponsor of the parade. “Then along with full police escort, 7-piece brass jazz band, Grand Marshall, and the dominatrix crowned Parade Queen, we will proudly march with those who are still with us. Anyone in the BDSM community or public is welcome to march with us.  This is our chance to honor those we have lost, and to live life to the fullest…in high style.” Parasols, handkerchiefs, and of course street-legal fetish attire is encouraged. For those wishing to remain discreet, masks are a good idea (no hoods please) as there will be media coverage. Those attending are asked not to bring leashes, toys or play in public, respecting the BDSM core ethic of consensuality. 

The parade is sponsored by Goddess Phoenix of  and Simone Justice.

This event is a part of DomCon New Orleans, a convention held to bring the BDSM, leather, fetish lifestyle and professional communities together. The event is October 4-7, 2018 at the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel. The Parade Queen will be crowned during the opening night ceremonies. For more information on the convention, go to 

Additional information about the parade available at: 

About DomCon New Orleans: DomCon NOLA is the sister to DomCon Los Angeles. The conventions are the result of Mistress Cyan’s dedication over the years to bring a better understanding of BDSM in the adult alternative lifestyle and to bring the BDSM, leather, fetish and professional communities together. The event celebrates our diversity and promotes awareness through demonstrations, seminars, and panel discussions. DomCon LA also acts as a showcase for creators and performers from around the world to debut their latest talents to the kinky and curious public at large. Joining in the event are the world’s top Dominatrices, bondage and fetish models, webmasters, fetish photographers, performing artists, sex educators, leatherfolk and BDSM lifestyle people. 

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