Princess Aphrodite

Princess Aphrodite – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Allow Me to introduce Myself, I am the Princess of this utopian society we’ve created from BDSM. I am your Governess, your Ruler, your Dictator, your Goddess, your Princess, your Queen, your Mistress – I am your Kiwi Princess from afar . . .

I am the very soul that will carry you into the abyss of sweet submission. Those of you who are novices are alien to this BDSM world, come to Me so that I may guide you, lead you into the very thing that fulfills your submissive being. Under My rule, I will understand what you need and allow you to embrace your submission to utter totality.

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  1. We were neighbors some time ago but I never got a chance to be the kind of friend that I can be now. Since I am no longer married, I do not have a husband to keep me away from the things that are fascinating, erotic, sensual, intimate, and many more. I regret that I didn’t kiss you back that night after we got home from the bar. Remember that was Easter! I’m living in Tulsa again and would like a second chance to be a better friend, a good kisser and a confidant. Plus, bitch is lookin’ fine these days; I’m not sure you would recognize me. And of course, as always, you look amazing. Please contact me, I miss our talks and I have so much more to tell you now.


  2. I must say first off, Princess Aphrodite was great at what she did as a Domme, beautiful in every way, and I miss her like crazy. I really had a spiritual connection with her. Princess, let’s hook up again.

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