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Gallery Showcase: Miss Lydia

Miss Lydia

Chicago, Illinois


Miss Lydia Bio

I am an independent Dom with 9 years of professional experience, having both commercial dungeon and fetish event experience. I cater to MOST fetishes from the vanilla to the hardcore. Be mindful that my ad is for those who are interested in BDSM/fetish/kink-related sessions prior to contacting me. Booking a session requires a minimum of 3 hours notice by phone call at 312-841-5254. I am available most days 10am-midnight (not available Tuesdays). 


Favorite Activities

Spanking/Flogging/Paddles/Canes/Whips/Crops; Bondage/Restraints, Rope, CBT/CBB, OTK, Nipple Torture, Foot, Leg, Ass Worship; Cross Dressing/Feminization, Sensory Play, Mummification, Textiles, Tease and Denial, Tickling, Humiliation (verbal and physical), Electrical Stimulation, Hot Wax, Farting Up a Storm, Role Plays, Sploshing (food substances/shaving cream/etc), GS, BS (requires 24 hr notice and deposit to ensure seriousness/follow through)


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/misslydia312

Website: https://bdsm.eros.com/illinois/chicago/files/503112.htm?cat=213



Gallery Showcase: Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle

Berlin, Germany



About Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle is a young beautiful professional Dominatrix based in Berlin, but originally from Russia. Her extensive list of fetishes, her experience, her amazing wardrobe, and her lavish lifestyle make her a very unique Domme.


Bio from Lady Estelle’s Website:

‘The better your dedication, the higher your chance to be chosen for such a service. So strive to please your goddess! My appearance is like the trap, I look so lovely and girlish, but I also have a little playful devil. You will beg me for your grace through your desperate moaning and suffering, no, the game is far from over! And summit in a discharging ecstasy of my unbridled lust until the o’er my rapture about your agony.”


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A Lesbian Domme Who Dominates Men – Guest Post by Goddess Cassidy



How Can a Lesbian Dominate a Man?

Guest Post by Goddess Cassidy

Of all the ways I surprise strange men on the Internet, being a lesbian Domme is the one thing that shocks them the most. Although I am not an extreme rarity, I have noticed that lesbians who dominate men are a minority. Yes, it is unconventional. But it is completely and totally worth it.

Let us get something out of the way right now . . . Dominating men does not get me sexually aroused. That should not come as a surprise, but I have encountered many men online who were downright appalled that I would be a Domme for a living and not enjoy it sexually. I have even been called fake for it. Here is the thing though: There are tons of Dommes who are attracted to men and do not get turned on by their sessions. Why? Well, because it is their job, and it is not necessary for us to get turned on to succeed at what we do.

I always tell skeptics that, if anything, it is a strength. Never chancing the distraction of attraction makes it easy to keep a level head and concentrate on my job. Of course, that in no way means I think I am better than Dommes who are attracted to men. But I also do not think I am a lesser Domme because of my sexual orientation.

For some subs, it makes it even more exciting knowing that they would never in a million years be able to have me. Whatever little fantasies they come up with in their heads have absolutely zero chance of becoming a reality. It can sometimes be an extra fun way to torment them. However, for other subs who attempt to contact me, it can make them irrationally angry.


"For some subs, it makes it even more exciting knowing that they would never in a million years be able to have me."


For instance, I once did a Kik session with a man and before we began, I asked what his limits were and I told him mine. Then in the middle of the session, he starts making me quite uncomfortable. He asks me if he can touch himself, and I tell him not yet. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Just being a Domme and exercising my right to tease and torment. Then he starts saying rather inappropriate things to me. He tells me that if he was with me, he would fuck me. I immediately shut him down and told him exactly what I thought of his nasty comments. He apologized, and I decided that if he could behave himself, the session could continue. He agreed, and then starts getting angry that I have not let him touch himself. Before I can tell him to go to hell, my timer goes off and the session is over. He is extremely angry and tells me that I am awful at my job. I tell him that if he would have behaved himself, he would have had more time to enjoy the session.

Now, this situation would not have been okay in any case, even with a straight Domme. However, I firmly believe that having the knowledge of my orientation made him attempt to push things further than he should have. There are always men who think they can get away with things and love trying to push lesbian Dommes to do things they are not comfortable with. I have even had strange subs on the internet threaten to track me down and force themselves on me to turn me straight. Quite an unsettling DM to receive.

Being a lesbian Domme who dominates men is an interesting ride. We are a small group, often accused of being fake, threatened, etc. But we are also incredibly strong women who know that, for some subs, we are adding to the excitement, therefore making our careers thrive beyond our wildest dreams.

My name is Goddess Cassidy! I'm a sassy, smart, and sexy 21-year-old American girl. I've been a dominant lady my whole life, but I've been a professional online Domme for a couple years now. In addition to domination, I've been selling panties and other fetish items since I was 18. My career as a clip producer began at that time as well. I'm great at what I do, and I have such a fun time doing it!

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Gallery Showcase: Veronica Steam

Veronica Steam

Atlanta, Georgia


Bio from Veronica Steam’s site:

“My name is Veronica Steam. You may call me Goddess. I am an Atlanta- based Domina and Fetish model. Every day I make this world a better place by simply existing. Which stings more- my sharp tongue or whip? Find out for yourself.”


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