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Evil Opal

Tampa Bay, Florida



Bio from Evil Opal

“I’m a very sensual Domina. That doesn’t mean I can’t dish out the pain – I’ve taken plenty of “pain sluts” to their limits. What it does mean is that I like to toy with ALL of my submissive’s senses during a scene – I might switch from whipping his ass to caressing him with a silk scarf as I hold my hand around his throat and murmur dangerous promises in his ear. I’ll very often put my panties on his head, or rub my fingers wet with my pussy juices around his mouth and nose so he can smell and taste me while I beat him, driving him even deeper into submissive headspace. That’s why a domination session with me is always a very erotic experience.

I’m also a huge tease with a super high sex drive so cuckolding comes very naturally to me. I have a big fetish for consensual non-consent and tremendous expertise with a strapon. Combined with my elegant feminine style this makes me very popular with girly boys. I adore makeup and lingerie and playing dress-up so using sissies like life-size Barbie dolls & turning them into my slutty little sex-toys is great fun for me.

I think being a mature Domina (I’m going on 50) gives me a special wisdom in guiding my subs. I know a lot of extremely talented young dommes but those extra decades give a lady so much wider of an experience with life. When I first started doing professional domination about ten years ago I was surprised at how many very young men sought my attentions. But now I recognize the allure to them of an older woman who knows what she wants and is confident in her own power.

I also find being a plus sized dominatrix a great asset. I’m lucky to have a beautifully proportioned body, with lush curves like something out of a Namio drawing. And I love using this to my advantage, doing things like facesitting and smothering men with my large natural breasts. I can make a man feel trapped using nothing but the weight and strength of my own body. Being a big lady lends itself to fun fantasies like giantess scenes and crushing too, which are some of my favorite types of clips to film.

There’s one other more unusual fetish that I’m very into and that is wet & messy play. I personally adore dressing up in sexy officewear or a lovely formal gown and then going swimming. Knowing people are out there getting off from looking at me all wet is a huge rush. And using messy things like food or mud to humiliate a sub can be so much fun! It brings such a playful sensual dimension to a scene that’s right up my alley as a sensually evil dominatrix.”

Interview: Elena De Luca

Elena De Luca

New York City

Elena De Luca


How did You get into professional domination?

I had a friend who was a pro domme and she recommended I try going pro because I was between jobs. I started working as a Professional Dominatrix shortly after and I’ve never looked back. 


What attracted You to the profession?

I’ve been attracted to domination for a very long but never had much exposure to it. I thought I was vanilla until I learned that what I was doing was definitely not vanilla.

Once I got a little exposure to the world of BDSM I felt like I had found my calling. It was just perfect for me.


What cities have You worked in?

I am based in New York City but I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, followed by Dallas and Austin. I have also made stops in San Francisco, San Diego, D.C. and San Antonio.

I also have upcoming plans to make my debuts in Philadelphia and Chicago very soon.

I enjoy a lot of travel but NYC will always be my homebase.


Would you consider yourself a lifestyle dominatrix?

I would. I don’t date submissive men but I do play in my personal life and I do date men who can be a partner in dominating submissives for both of our enjoyment.


How long have you been a professional dominatrix?

I have been a Pro Domme for about a decade.


How are you different now than you were when you started?

I’ve learned sooooo much over the years. I have grown in huge ways as a person and a dominant. My skills have are exponentially more developed now and my style has changed.

I used to think the only way to be a strong dominant was to be the meanest person possible and hit the hardest all the time. Now I understand there are so many other ways to inflict pain that don’t have to include physical punishment.


Elena De LucaWhat types of sessions do you specialize in?

I specialize behavior modification. As a dominant I believe it is my responsibility to better my submissives. I use a lot of military boot camp and disciplinarian style tactics.


How are you different from other professional dominatrix?

Every mistress is inherently different. I think that my personal brand of sensual and strict w/ a lack of empathy and a focus on improving you makes me different.


How would you describe a typical session?

There is no such thing as a typical session. Every session is a brand new experience because my session plan depends on my mood and current interests. The interaction then depends on our chemistry.

The way it is all received depends on the slave’s mood, emotional state and current interests. All of this affects how I conduct the session.


What is your style? Are your sessions more strict, or more fun?

I like to think my sessions are fun but I am always very strict. I require a high level of protocol from my submissives.

When they are on top of their training I am having fun and I will laugh and smile.


What is your opinion of the business today?

It’s evolving so much all the time. It’s becoming so mainstream and at the same time it is under attack so often that it’s almost hard to keep up with what we can talk about and what we need to hide.

It’s really a guessing game each day what the state of the business is. It’s had a lot of up and downs lately with Fifty Shades of Grey and the current political climate.


If you had advice for someone just getting into professional domination, what would you tell them?

This is not a way to make quick money. You need to work very hard to hone your skills and develop and maintain a positive brand image.


What advice would you have for a submissive who is trying to get in touch with you to set up a session?

Read my website carefully. Pay attention to my social media. All of your questions are answered if you take notice.

Also, use the contact form on my website. I list all the things required of you there. Just pay attention and follow the directions, they are right in front of you.



Do you accept personal slaves?

I do but very rarely. I am extremely picky. Having someone that involved in your day-to-day life is like dating.

I need to have to enjoy your presence and know that you are skilled enough for me not to need to micromanage you.


Do you attend fetish balls, conventions or events?

I don’t go out much in NYC to the parties but once in a while I’ll attend an event to support a friend.

I love attending DomCon, both LA and New Orleans. I have been a Guest of Honor in LA and a Mistress of Ceremonies at the inaugural New Orleans convention. 


Do you offer videos, photo sets, online chatting, etc. in addition to in-person sessions?

I do. Links and info on how to get all of these and how to book online sessions can all be found on my website.

I offer phone and webcam sessions on NiteFlirt. I sell my clips on NiteFlirt, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and FetishMovies. 


What is something that almost no one knows about you?

One of my favorite hobbies is to crochet.


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to keep dominating for as long as being a professional makes me happy.

I plan to expand myself as a producer and continue creating sexy, kinky porn until I am too senile to find the camera.


Anything you’d like to add?

If things doesn’t tell you enough about who I am as a person start following my social media accounts on twitter, instagram, snapchat and tumblr. @elenadeluca


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Interview with Mistress Olivia Vexx



1.How did You get into professional domination?

After years of social play in my teens and twenties as well as being in kinky relationships I chose to offer my skills professionally. Knowing a lot of people (primarily men) who would not be able to or would not want to bring kink into their personal relationship made me realize there was a void to be filled.

2.What attracted You to the profession?

Being a kinkster myself I was attracted of course by the nature of the “work”. But there is a creative and psychological element to each session; an opportunity to intuit where that person needs to go. Knowing I brought them there is very satisfying.


3.What cities have You worked in?

I have lived, played and worked in NYC, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, NYC again, New Orleans and now Boise. I do enjoy the portable nature of being a Pro Domme and exploring life in new places. But once I am settled in a city that is where my play space stays.


4.Where are You located now?

Boise, Id.



5.Would You consider yourself a lifestyle dominatrix?

Yes. In my personal relationships I have been fortunate to have partners both comfortable with and into my dominant nature and seeing it as a good fit for them.


6.How long have You been a professional dominatrix?

I have worked professionally as a Domme for over 20 years.


7.How are You different now than You were when You started?

Not too different at all. I have of course developed in terms of skills but am still the same high school girl who cajoled her boyfriend into a date consisting of bondage, tickle torture and forced foot worship 🙂


8.What types of sessions do You specialize in?

I would say my specialties are discipline, medical scenes (with an emphasis on enema play), scat and water sport play and tickle torture. While I do enjoy all my listed interests these are among my very favorites.


9.How are You different from other professional dominatrix?

I would say we are all different from each other; unique in our own ways; offering essentially the same things yet coloured differently by our individual personalities and appearance.



10.How would You describe a typical session?

No session is ever typical. Different people can approach the same fetish or kink from a very different perspective. I do like to chat a bit in person before the session begins (unless it has been negotiated that we begin when I open the door…) and I always offer time afterwards to “come down” and then freshen up before leaving.


11.What is Your style? Are Your sessions more strict, or more fun?

I like to approach my sessions from the psychological aspect first – what is your kink and how do I manipulate that and take you places you may have never dreamed of going. From there my style can range from fun and sensual to extremely harsh depending on the scene. Some scenes such as tickle torture are inherently fun yet sadistic in nature and can even be sensual but not what I would consider a “harsh” scene. To sum up I enjoy variety and would not want to limit myself to any one type of style. I switch comfortably from one to the other sometimes even within the same session.


12.What is Your opinion of the business today?

I think kink has gone more mainstream and that it is a good thing. It gets people talking; gets them interested in trying new things and affords women who have an interest to carve a niche for themselves.


13.If You had advice for someone just getting into professional domination, what would You tell them?

If you are kinky yourself play socially first if you have not already. In any event, educate yourself; there are many great books out there that can help with both the physical skills as well as understanding the mindset. Get on Fetlife; it is socially oriented but a great source of support and knowledge. Get to know yourself and what you enjoy. Don’t do sessions you do not enjoy. Ultimately that will show. Understand that while you are the Domme and in charge you are also in charge of providing the best possible session for your client. Every client is different and should be treated as such. Lastly don’t get hung up on being a “name” or getting the most attention. It is fun to be a leader and be in the scene. But just as with great musicians, writers and visual artists there are great Dommes you have never heard of in every city that have a devoted following.


14.What advice would You have for a submissive who is trying to get in touch with You to set up a session?

Read my site; thoroughly. Then call me or send me an email.



15.Do You accept personal slaves?

I have always kept a cleaning slave; generally a service oriented sissy or submissive male longing to serve. In this respect I am a harsh and very particular Mistress with high expectations. At this time I do not but should I have an opening for this I would post on my site/blog.


16.Do You attend fetish balls, conventions or events?

I attended more social functions when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Now I tend to be more of a “homebody” and prefer to concentrate on my business and clients although I still attend the occasional function.


17.Do You offer videos, photo sets, online chatting, etc. in addition to in-person sessions?

I do not offer items, photos or videos for sale. Distance training is available; information is on my site.


18.What is something that almost no one knows about You?

That I play the upright bass in a band and adore and basically work for my rescue dogs 🙂


19.What are Your plans for the future?

To keep working at what I love; offering a safe place to explore BDSM and fetish play.


20.Anything You’d like to add?

Embrace your kinky side. Many of my clients have waited decades to explore. Whether you see someone socially or professionally take the plunge and give it a try.

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