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Gallery Showcase: Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle

Berlin, Germany



About Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle is a young beautiful professional Dominatrix based in Berlin, but originally from Russia. Her extensive list of fetishes, her experience, her amazing wardrobe, and her lavish lifestyle make her a very unique Domme.


Bio from Lady Estelle’s Website:

‘The better your dedication, the higher your chance to be chosen for such a service. So strive to please your goddess! My appearance is like the trap, I look so lovely and girlish, but I also have a little playful devil. You will beg me for your grace through your desperate moaning and suffering, no, the game is far from over! And summit in a discharging ecstasy of my unbridled lust until the o’er my rapture about your agony.”


Lady Estelle Feature Gallery


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