Dirk Hooper Rebrands and Relaunches Female Domination Website DommeLinx

Professional fetish photographer Dirk Hooper has relaunched and rebranded the female domination website Dommelinx.com with a new mission and a considerable upgrade in promotion and content. He will be the owner and Editor in Chief of the website.

“I’m very excited about the possibilities of providing a new avenue for professional dominatrix, and female dominants in general, to share news, get quality information, and have a positive sympathetic site where they can get some promotion for their services or projects,” Dirk Hooper said.

In addition to the original mission of DommeLinx to present news, interviews and galleries featuring dominatrix, the site will be expanding original content to including articles, in-depth profiles, industry information, and a few surprises.

DommeLinx will be actively seeking news, photos, and interviews with female dominants. The editors will also be looking for fresh voices that want to contribute to the site as well. Additional announcements on that front are coming soon.

If you are interested in more information or an interview with Dirk Hooper, please contact info@sightkey.com.  More information about DommeLinx is available at http://dommelinx.com.



Dirk Hooper is a professional fetish photographer, published writer, podcasting producer and host, journalist for the fetish community, BDSM mentor, audiobook narrator and personal branding consultant. 

As a fine-art fetish photographer, Hooper’s work has been exhibited in England, the Netherlands, Belgium, China and all over the United States.  His work is part of the permanent collections of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Dirk Hooper’s work has been published in magazines like Skin Two, Von Gutenberg, Fet Erotica and Sinical Magazine.  His work was published in the German hardcover art book “Fetish Fantasies: The Best of International Fetish Photography.” He has done professional photography for bands, books, posters and the adult film industry.  Hooper co-founded the alternative modeling site Toxic Goddess.  He offers his photography services for portraits and commercial projects.

Hooper’s articles have recently been published at Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, the Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, The Sporting News, MSN Sport, and Quartz. He has won the Quora Top Writer award for the past two years. He has also been published as a comic writer, a poet and numerous copywriting assignments for professional and private clients. He is currently working on an erotic novel and a non-fiction book about social networking.

Dirk Hooper is the Host and Executive Producer of “The Fetish Show.”  He has also recently launched a new podcast about success and inspiration titled, “The Dirk Side.” Hooper has been podcasting since 2005 and has produced hundreds of hours of shows over several networks. His first audiobook narration was for the Suzanne Steele novel “Glazov.”

Dirk Hooper does journalism for the BDSM and fetish community through The Fetish Show News, FETISHWEEK articles, the Daily Fetish Chronicle and freelance writing.  Hooper’s award-winning website, http://www.DirkHooper.com features a gallery of his work, informational articles and is the home of “FETISHWEEK.” 

Hooper’s inspiration for his work is an extension of his interests and experience in the BDSM and fetish community.  He is a BDSM mentor and has helped guide or train both dominants and submissives.

Hooper works as a consultant on personal branding, social networking, SEO, copywriting, design and marketing through his Sexy Networking business at http://SexyNetworking.com

Interview: Elena De Luca

Elena De Luca

New York City

Elena De Luca


How did You get into professional domination?

I had a friend who was a pro domme and she recommended I try going pro because I was between jobs. I started working as a Professional Dominatrix shortly after and I’ve never looked back. 


What attracted You to the profession?

I’ve been attracted to domination for a very long but never had much exposure to it. I thought I was vanilla until I learned that what I was doing was definitely not vanilla.

Once I got a little exposure to the world of BDSM I felt like I had found my calling. It was just perfect for me.


What cities have You worked in?

I am based in New York City but I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, followed by Dallas and Austin. I have also made stops in San Francisco, San Diego, D.C. and San Antonio.

I also have upcoming plans to make my debuts in Philadelphia and Chicago very soon.

I enjoy a lot of travel but NYC will always be my homebase.


Would you consider yourself a lifestyle dominatrix?

I would. I don’t date submissive men but I do play in my personal life and I do date men who can be a partner in dominating submissives for both of our enjoyment.


How long have you been a professional dominatrix?

I have been a Pro Domme for about a decade.


How are you different now than you were when you started?

I’ve learned sooooo much over the years. I have grown in huge ways as a person and a dominant. My skills have are exponentially more developed now and my style has changed.

I used to think the only way to be a strong dominant was to be the meanest person possible and hit the hardest all the time. Now I understand there are so many other ways to inflict pain that don’t have to include physical punishment.


Elena De LucaWhat types of sessions do you specialize in?

I specialize behavior modification. As a dominant I believe it is my responsibility to better my submissives. I use a lot of military boot camp and disciplinarian style tactics.


How are you different from other professional dominatrix?

Every mistress is inherently different. I think that my personal brand of sensual and strict w/ a lack of empathy and a focus on improving you makes me different.


How would you describe a typical session?

There is no such thing as a typical session. Every session is a brand new experience because my session plan depends on my mood and current interests. The interaction then depends on our chemistry.

The way it is all received depends on the slave’s mood, emotional state and current interests. All of this affects how I conduct the session.


What is your style? Are your sessions more strict, or more fun?

I like to think my sessions are fun but I am always very strict. I require a high level of protocol from my submissives.

When they are on top of their training I am having fun and I will laugh and smile.


What is your opinion of the business today?

It’s evolving so much all the time. It’s becoming so mainstream and at the same time it is under attack so often that it’s almost hard to keep up with what we can talk about and what we need to hide.

It’s really a guessing game each day what the state of the business is. It’s had a lot of up and downs lately with Fifty Shades of Grey and the current political climate.


If you had advice for someone just getting into professional domination, what would you tell them?

This is not a way to make quick money. You need to work very hard to hone your skills and develop and maintain a positive brand image.


What advice would you have for a submissive who is trying to get in touch with you to set up a session?

Read my website carefully. Pay attention to my social media. All of your questions are answered if you take notice.

Also, use the contact form on my website. I list all the things required of you there. Just pay attention and follow the directions, they are right in front of you.



Do you accept personal slaves?

I do but very rarely. I am extremely picky. Having someone that involved in your day-to-day life is like dating.

I need to have to enjoy your presence and know that you are skilled enough for me not to need to micromanage you.


Do you attend fetish balls, conventions or events?

I don’t go out much in NYC to the parties but once in a while I’ll attend an event to support a friend.

I love attending DomCon, both LA and New Orleans. I have been a Guest of Honor in LA and a Mistress of Ceremonies at the inaugural New Orleans convention. 


Do you offer videos, photo sets, online chatting, etc. in addition to in-person sessions?

I do. Links and info on how to get all of these and how to book online sessions can all be found on my website.

I offer phone and webcam sessions on NiteFlirt. I sell my clips on NiteFlirt, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, FascistFemDom.com and FetishMovies. 


What is something that almost no one knows about you?

One of my favorite hobbies is to crochet.


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to keep dominating for as long as being a professional makes me happy.

I plan to expand myself as a producer and continue creating sexy, kinky porn until I am too senile to find the camera.


Anything you’d like to add?

If things doesn’t tell you enough about who I am as a person start following my social media accounts on twitter, instagram, snapchat and tumblr. @elenadeluca


Links for more on Elena De Luca: 



Domina Bast

Interview with Domina Bast

Domina Bast

Portland Oregon

Domina Bast


How did You get into professional domination?


It was after I had been a bottoming for a local shibari wiz. While I found some of the pressure points to be pleasing, I also found myself bored by not being in control. He mentioned that I would make a good top, and that planted the seed in my mind. A couple weeks later I was showing an acquaintance of mine a painting I had done of a woman seated on top of a mound of numerous naked men. After he looked at the painting he asked me if I had ever considered being a Dominatrix, because he knew one who was looking for an apprentice. It was too serendipitous to pass up. I dug right in. It quickly became clear I was a natural sadist. I continued my mentoring until I was released into the professional world.


What attracted You to the profession?


It’s in the shadows of society yet I can tell most people. When pedestrians meet me in vanilla life, they get the impression of a charming, cool as a cucumber, albeit adorable, young woman. When I tell them what I do, they are always taken aback, followed by intense curiosity.This is a profession that allows me to express a side of myself that I enjoy keeping separate. What is forbidden, is fun. I love seeing high profile men shake when they walk through the door. I love how their mouths are always a bit dry from nerves.The arousal that comes from fear is fantastic. Also, I just love watching men in a state pleasurable pain. It gives me a certain warm zingy feeling like nothing else and it allows me to exercise my innate creativity. 


What cities have You worked in?


Portland, but I have a short term goal to become mobile soon and plan on making travel a regular part of my schedule.  


Where are You located now?


Portland, Oregon


How are You different now than You were when You started?


I’m not too terribly different, but I can say I am more evolved in many ways. As a business woman, and in my personal day to day activities I am more thorough and confident. I’m in a near constant state of ruminationmover the sexual and non-sexual power dynamics between people, and what it is that ultimately leads subs to contact me. 


What types of sessions do You specialize in?


CBT/Creative torture, Sissification (“girl” time), and humiliation through acts (as opposed to verbal).


Domina BastHow are You different from other professional dominatrix?

It goes without saying every Domme is different, but I am a bit younger than the average Domme. There is an advantage to being older in this profession and I love that, but I’ve jumped in a bit early. That is mostly because I am confident in my abilities and I had a great mentor. The other noticeable trait that often sets me apart is that I’m not always willing to sacrifice my femininity to fit into the classic leather clad, Hellraiser-chic S&M mold we’re all accustom to. Sometimes I am, but on my terms. It obviously holds it’s place (and do not get me wrong, I love Hellraiser and I love leather), but truly I revel in the thought of ball busting while wearing my favorite sun dress, then heading over to a cafe or cocktail bar still humming from the session, surrounded by patrons who are none the wiser as to what I’ve just done. If I want to trample you in a schoolgirl skirt, there will be no arguing. In short, I enjoy blending my girl next door charm with my sadistic side. 


How would You describe a typical session?


I wouldn’t, it’s a secret. But you can catch glimpses from my website under the tab Happy Boys


What is Your style? Are Your sessions more strict, or more fun?


It really depends on the dynamic that evolves between myself and the sub. But I’d say mine err on the side of fun, often therapeutic. Getting into this I accepted that some sessions would be light and playful, while some would be heavy and more serious. I enjoy the entire spectrum and I’m prepared either way.  


What is Your opinion of the business today?


I’ve been watching this underworld of BDSM/FemDomme slowly integrate itself into normal society, or more specifically youth culture, for a few years now. Once a taboo topic becomes normalized within youth culture, it’s in the first phase of becoming an accepted part of the wider population. I noticed it really started to pop up in the online fashion industry. I’d like to see the numbers on how many pink faux leather “Daddy” chokers were sold in 2016. It may not seem like true BDSM but it’s easy to see where this is all going in the next 25 years. I think the Professional Dominatrix industry will definitely feel the effects of this shift. 


If You had advice for someone just getting into professional domination, what would You tell them?


Never do anything out of your comfort zone, and be wary that fetishists aren’t always submissives.


What advice would You have for a submissive who is trying to get in touch with You to set up a session?


Follow the directions on my Contact page. Don’t be afraid to give me too much information in your introduction email. It’s much more annoying if I have to probe you for information. In fact, I probably wont try at all. Do your part. 


Do You accept personal slaves?


Not at this time. 


Do You attend fetish balls, conventions or events?


As much as I can, yes, and only if they sound interesting. 


Do You offer videos, photo sets, online chatting, etc. in addition to in-person sessions?


I do offer skype sessions. I would be open to discussion in regards to other forms of communication. 


What is something that almost no one knows about You?


I do a set of naked planks every night before bed.


What are Your plans for the future?


To Dominate subs all around the world, continue my education in and out of school, obtain a Chinese wedding bed, and explore my gifts so I can ultimately help better the lives of others.


Links for more on Domina Bast


Fetlife – DnaBast

Instagram – @DnaBast

Amazon Wishlist


Over 1600 Kink Lovers Flock to DomCon LA 2017

Los Angeles, CA – DomCon Los Angeles, the world’s premier professional and lifestyle domination convention was a huge success this year with an attendance of over 1600 people. The crowd was filled with BDSM enthusiasts, the kink curious, and high profile adult stars Nina Hartley, Irene Boss and Jewel Marceau, just to name a few..

Walking about the convention floor were fetish models wearing latex catsuits, dresses and hoods. Dominatrixes were clad in custom leather and boots. Vendors offered novel and perverse sex toys, along with electrifying fetish fashions. In the crowd were cosplayers, human pets in a variety of animal costumes, and elegant cross dressers. Regularly appearing onstage were rope bondage suspensions, whip demonstrations, spanking and burlesque dances.

“This was Flirt4Free’s first time attending DomCon, and it was such an amazing and fulfilling experience,” said community outreach manager, Karly Kroft, Fetish Community Manager of Flirt4Free. “We were able to recruit some really great fetish broadcasters who we are very excited to have on our network. The connections we made are priceless, and we were so grateful for the warm and engaging welcome from the Kink Community!”

“On behalf of myself, the staff and volunteers of DomCon LA, vendors, and our special guests, thank you so much for coming,” said Mistress Cyan. “We are grateful to everyone who came, and participated. Our kind thanks go out to the army of volunteers that make this event possible, and to our sponsors, Whiplr, Kink.com, Stockroom, and AVN.”

Mistress Cyan and the DomCon board are making strides in debuting a DomCon London or Australia event in the future. The next expo is DomCon New Orleans in October 5th-8th, which will include a fetish parade down Bourbon Street. Go to DomConNOLA.com  to learn more.

Photos courtesy of SJ Studio 1 Photography, www.SJStudio1.com.

Contact: blackandbluemedia@fastmail.fm

Mistress Daria’s Obsession with Leather and Latex

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Daria Shares Some News About Recent Events and A New Gallery on Her Site!


I have so many BDSM stories at this point in My life, I really believe I should become a writer!

I have long had an obsession with leather, but lately latex has been invading My life. I say that fondly. I really attribute this to finding the perfect fit and texture with Syren latex. I had tried on much latex before, but never found the experience pleasant. After meeting Athena Fatale and beginning to work with Her on a regular basis  and because of Her affiliation with JTs Stockroom, I decided to try out Syren Latex. I’m very pleased. I continue to add to My collection regularly and highly recommend their work.

Recently I visited Germany, to work in Berlin at one of the most awesome Pro-dungeons I have ever seen called Studio Avalon. There I was fully impressed with their rubber room and decided I need a vacuum latex bed and cube! I was enthralled with their lifestyle accommodations called The Rezidenze in close proximity to the pro-dungeon studios. Along with collegues  of mine here in Texas, I plan to start an invitational event where we visit this wonderland with Dominas from the states! If you are interested you may contact Me via My email address. All inquiries welcome (Dominas & slaves)

I am strongly certain I will attend the German Fetish ball in the spring. Adding to My collection and fueling the fire of this growing fetish inside, I am looking for rubber ponies and equestrian gear also. Perhaps you share this passion, or you are curious? Come let us take this journey together!

These photos were taken by Dirk Hooper, one of My new favorite Fetish photographers! Truly an awesome experience and I will shoot with him again. Dirk hosts a podcast called The Fetish Show (TheFetishShow.com) that Goddess Ashlee and Myself will interview within a short time. Please tune in so that you can hear all the updates and discussion of all the exciting events and parties we are planning both here in Dallas and abroad! Dirk’s website is www.DirkHooper.com. Follow him on twitter @DirkHooper, on Google+ gplus.to/DirkHooper and Facebook.com/Dirk.Hooper.

– Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria’s Website

Mistress Daria’s Twitter

Interview with Ms. Mina


excellent slave:
Thank You for allowing me to interview You Ms. Mina.

Ms. Mina:
My pleasure.

excellent slave:
Where are You located?

Ms. Mina:
In Las Vegas.

excellent slave:
Where are You originally from?

Ms. Mina:

excellent slave:
Very interesting.  And what brought You to the United States?

Ms. Mina:
My husband is American.

excellent slave:
Would You say that domination is in Your lifestyle, or are You a Professional Dominatrix only?

Mina_Fetish_Shoot-25511Ms. Mina:
Oh it’s my lifestyle completely.

excellent slave:
So, is Your husband also Your slave?

Ms. Mina:
He’s my sub husband.

excellent slave:
How long have You been interested in Domination or BDSM?

Ms. Mina:
For about 2 years.

excellent slave:
What attracted You to Domination?

Goddess Soma

Goddess Soma
Located in Los Angeles California


I am a Lifestyle and professional Domina, Performer and Fetish Model. I am the Protege of the imposing and beautiful Domina Angelina. I take clients at San Diego’s premier Dungeon, Dungeon Servitus. I also own a dungeon in Downtown LA. It is a Sister space to Dungeon Servitus and named Servitus LA.

I am a performer for the group PKL industries, and can be found performing at LA fetish clubs and events. I co-own the alternative modeling company and performance group, Candy Scandals.

I am a Sensual Sadist, Artist, Thinker, Explorer. My slaves refer to Me as Empress of the Western Hemisphere and all outer laying islands! My quest is for beauty, elevation and delicious viciousness. I am strict but fair, nurturing and emotionally available.

Goddess Soma’s Website

Dungeon Servitus

Miss Evadne

Miss Evadne
San Francisco, California


Fetish is My life! I appreciate this world on many levels, from the beautiful aesthetics to the powerful lessons to be learned from experiencing D/S 24/7.

I am a lifestyle and professional switch. You are welcome to come explore your fantasies with me at the lovely Fantasy Makers’ house in the Bay Area, where I am available for an assortment of sessions. I am a fan of the beautiful and the bizarre, well-versed in role playing, psychological, sensual, and impact play, kinky wrestling, golden showers, and overall torture. 🙂

Fantasy Makers


Mistress Deja


I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for 7 years. I am a animal activist, and political activist. I fight for animals rights everyday. I prefer being a vegetarian. I do have respect for our military, they do put their lives on the line everyday, but I will never have the respect for our president or government. I do take on submissives or slaves. I come with a open mind. I do not tolerate close minded people. I wont put up with ignorance! If you have a question ask it honestly and respectful. I love to push my slaves or submissives to the edge of pleasure and pain. I look for your soul through your eyes. I do not tolerate laziness. Live your life to your fullest, take chances in life. I ask only for your sincerity, your honesty. This lifestyle is about love, devotion, chances, domination submission, creativity, beauty. If you are interested in the lifestyle and want to be educated and experience we can discuss. Always enter everything with a open mind.

– Mistress Deja

Princess Aphrodite

Princess Aphrodite – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Allow Me to introduce Myself, I am the Princess of this utopian society we’ve created from BDSM. I am your Governess, your Ruler, your Dictator, your Goddess, your Princess, your Queen, your Mistress – I am your Kiwi Princess from afar . . .

I am the very soul that will carry you into the abyss of sweet submission. Those of you who are novices are alien to this BDSM world, come to Me so that I may guide you, lead you into the very thing that fulfills your submissive being. Under My rule, I will understand what you need and allow you to embrace your submission to utter totality.

email Princess Aphrodite



The Chateau

The Chateau
Gia’s Dark Gardens Studio

Located in Los Angeles

Accepting applications from contractors, models and actresses to do contract work with individuals on our client list, rent space for their own production, photo shoot or be listed for consideration by legitimate Production companies and photographers.

The Majority of the Contractors whose photos appear herein are members of the dark gardens family and are “Life Style” Mistresses/ Switches & Submissives. This means that they “live” what they are in their Private Lives. Mistresses dominate their spouses, Switches take turns or roll dice to see who is submissive on any given night and Submissives are the ones who get tied up, flogged, whipped, have their heads held under
water while bound, etc. by their spouses, playmate, boy friend or boy friends.

We are Open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 11- 6.
Available all other days by appointment only!





Approaching The Mistress by Mistress Didi

Approaching The Mistress
Used with Permission by Mistress Didi

Understand your needs.

Most people are thrilled by the idea of serving a Domnina will give them some kind of satisfaction on a psycho-emotional-physical level. They are excited by the “idea” of serving, but not completely aware of the time, energy, and how much control must be relinquished in order to serve properly. The fantasy element of serving a Mistress often blinds the submissive to the fact that his/her hands will get dirty while doing chores that s/he does not want to do, but is instructed to do. The goal is to do the will of the Mistress; your desires are of no importance unless the Mistress is concerned about and chooses to address them. For many, once the reality of all that entails proper service becomes clear, they do not actually wish to serve; they wish to be thrilled.

Training for proper service requires the Mistress’ time, energy and skills and She should be rewarded by your complete obedience and your tributes. Should you determine that the thrill was more important to you than proper service, you must be certain not to have wasted the Mistress’ time and energy and that should She release you, that you leave Her well compensated. It always annoys Me when cheap people do not even bring Me a bottle of wine as a tribute and dare to think that to clean My bathroom is actually something special that I should be grateful for from them. They fail to realize that My bathroom is already being regularly cleaned and has been for a long time before they even thought to approach Me to offer service. Because of their own selfishness and their actual desire to be thrilled, they either do not realize or care that their attitude and actions are insulting to the fact that I am a Professional Dominatrix, an artist in the Lifestyle and have devoted My time, energies and belief in being a true Goddess. Herein lies the yin-yang aspect of the Lifestyle: you are served by serving Me and the person that I have cultivated Myself to be gives you the pleasure of fulfillment in service to Me.So, you do not wish to insult a Mistress because you are the one who will lose — whether now or in the future. The Mistress will immediately have another person to serve Her. People who want to keep the Community a place of nurturing and fulfillment will not appreciate behavior that brands you as a loser and no one will want to waste their time with you. This is why you must have your thoughts clear and focused. Mistakes can be avoided with proper preparation.When you make the conscious choice to serve a Mistress, you must be clear on:

1. Why you want to serve; what do you believe you will receive from serving Her? What do you want from the Mistress as Her servant?
2. What service means to you: this includes what tasks you wish to offer before you even speak with a Mistress;
3. How far you are willing to go in your training. This should include what type of servitude you desire, e.g., 24-7, to become collared, etc. This should also include an honest look at your fetishes. The Mistress may be into public humiliation, but you may not believe this path is for you; and
4. What type of service you do not wish to offer. This is crucial because if you are engaged in an activity that does not offer you the opportunity for personal growth in service, you won’t be happy and the Mistress will not be pleased.

I suggest writing your answers so that you can review and revise them for deeper self-understanding. The last thing you want to do is to misrepresent yourself to the Mistress and displease her because you cannot live up to what you offered. On a personal level, to misrepresent yourself to yourself is a sure path to unhappiness, failure and despair.

Educate yourself

Part of the joy of this journey of self-discovery is the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and awareness. Before presenting yourself for service, know who and what you are in this moment. There are numerous BDSM sites which offer excellent educational tools and resources, such as BDSMU, and info on Master Steelow’s site. The Community is full of wonderful people who will freely answer your questions and assist you on your path. By knowing what you are talking about when you present yourself to the Mistress, you will show your respect for Her experience and show that you are worthy of the time She gives to consider you.

Warning: Perhaps this is my personal peeve, but I do not find most of the videotapes that are readily available to be more than just (bad) fetish-type fantasy filmed for profitability. Before you purchase or rent a tape to learn about the Scene, do the research on reviews, author/producers, etc. to see if there is anything of value to you in even bothering to investigating the product.

Make A Good Impression with your Inquiry

First impressions are lasting. Nothing annoys Me more than a poorly presented inquiry and I usually dismiss the petitioner. Some rules to follow:

1. Greet the Mistress with respect and honor Her with your words. A simple example is, “Greetings, Mistress, may I present myself to You for service?” NEVER just start with your requests of what you want from Her.
2. In either the first or second paragraph, tell the Mistress why you are worthy of Her consideration for service, e.g., your past experience, what your talents are, etc. Use this opportunity to show your sincerity in desiring to serve Her.
3. In either the first or second paragraph, tell the Mistress why you wish to serve Her specifically. Careful not to go overboard with the flattery. When someone praises My beauty too much, he appears to lack creativity. I am also not interested in how my physical attributes inspire you to want to serve Me. The honor of serving Me should be your inspiration.
4. Choose words that “offer” rather than words that demand, e.g., “As your humble servant, i would be honored to shop for your groceries,” as opposed to saying “i want to” or “i will do your food shopping.” Remember, when presenting yourself for service, your goal is to please and serve the Mistress and attend to Her desires.
5. Offer personal information including your physical description, job, where you live, whether you have a car, etc. It is also an excellent idea to let the Mistress know when you are available for an interview — “i work Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 5:30 and am available at any time on weekends for an interview at Your convenience.”
6. Make certain that your request is personalized to the Mistress. If I should receive something that looks like a form letter, I dismiss the petitioner.
7. Make certain that your request is neat, correct spellings, use paragraphs and punctuation. This is another way that you will show the Mistress that you are taking the time to present yourself properly and that you are capable of proper service.
8. Pay close attention to what the Mistress requests of applicants. I only allow people who take the time to care about themselves into my personal arena and I instruct applicants to be creative and offer Me some insight to their personalities. See My slave Application.
9. Give all of your contact information including phone number(s) with times to reach you. ALWAYS give your cell phone number. Include this information in the body of your request as well as at the end beneath your signature.
10. Take your time. I can always tell when someone has rushed and thrown together an application. I will not take you seriously in your desire to serve Me because you are showing that you will rush your duties. I have no patience for half-way anything. I want what I want done correctly and when I want it. So, if you do not make a good presentation, you will not be responded to.
11. If you send an actual physical application, be certain to use nice paper and either neatly type or print your text. If you send an email, DO NOT USE STATIONERY ATTACHMENTS. HTML text is OK, but since you do not know when or where the Mistress may read your email, keep it simple and easy to download. NEVER SEND AN ATTACHMENT.
12. It is a good idea to provide the Mistress with at least one photograph of you. Again, NEVER SEND AN ATTACHMENT. Take advantage of free online photo album services — http://photos.yahoo.com – sign up, upload photos and you will be given a link to cut and paste into emails that will take people you invite to your photos.

Generate Interest in you

It is important to give the Mistress a reason to want to give you an interview. Do not rely on your income, what services you request to offer, or anything material to interest Her. Good D/s relationships happen with chemistry. If you believe that you truly want to serve this Mistress, there is obviously something about her that inspires you. Therefore, you must give Her something to feel that you would be a good match in service to Her. Let your personality come through in your application for service so that it will not feel like work for the Mistress to consider you.

I state on my initial webpage that I dislike lackluster slaves and being bored. I also state that I like intellectual stimulation and amusement. Good ideas to interest Me are to offer a short poem that speaks to you, state your favorite books/movies, tell Me a joke. Don’t just blurt out the obvious. Think about what I must always hear from applicants and give Me something better.

Follow Up

After presenting your application, and unless otherwise instructed, the smart things to do are:

1. Call and alert the Mistress that you have complied with Her request and sent your application for service. This is taking care that your application is not mistaken for junk mail.
2. Be patient. If after 3-4 days you have not received a reply, it is permitted to call and/or email the Mistress to let Her know that (i) you are making sure that She received your application and that you will happily send it to Her again, if she desires; and (ii) you will patiently await Her response.
3. How you handle yourself during the consideration period is of the utmost importance. Many times I will not respond to an application for days just to see how the petitioner behaves. Polite and considerate behavior ALWAYS gets My first consideration and shows Me that you have good social skills. I do not allow people to make demands upon Me in any way.
4. If you are not accepted for service, DO NOT BEHAVE RUDELY. Thank the Mistress for Her consideration in a follow-up email or letter. Smart people know that good things happen to good sports. There have been many times where I have referred applicants to other Dominants to whom they would be better at serving than they could have served Me.

Tale of 3 applicants

subA and subB provided applications to Me that were creative, showed their intelligence, interesting and gave Me reason to decide to interview both of them. I did not respond to either application for 7 days. subA sent a polite, follow-up email to ensure that I had received his application, to which I responded and told him that he would be contacted. subA was very smart; he thanked Me for responding to him and told Me that he would “anxiously-with-patience” await contact from Me.

subB, on the other hand, is an idiot. 2 days after he’d sent his application, he called and left a message complaining that he hadn’t heard anything from Me, that he didn’t feel he was being treated fairly, that he’d spent the time to give Me what I wanted and I was not giving him what he wanted. First, subB merely followed instructions for what he must do to apply to serve Me. Since he had not even had an interview, he did not know what I wanted and he clearly did not educate himself to the fact that My consideration for his desires must be earned. I ignored him because I had made my decision that he, like all of the other applicants, would be responded to in 7 days. Within the next 5 days until I responded, subB called twice a day to complain. I wrote him a 2 sentence email which stated, “Due to your extremely poor behavior, I choose not to have you serve Me. Good luck with your search for a Dominant.” If his behavior had not already been bad enough, he called and emailed to demand that I reconsider him to serve Me, that I would certainly miss out on not having him serve Me, and that he would do whatever it took to get Me to reconsider him. subB is not ready for the Lifestyle, completely unworthy of any attention from Me, insolent, and was trying to top from the bottom — which I absolutely despise. I told him that he would have to pay for My time to interview him, fully expecting him to disappear because subB’s behavior clearly indicates that he is cheap on every level, a quality that I equally abhor. I am satisfied that he has not contacted Me since.

subC presented a wonderful application, had a good phone conversation with my assistant, scheduled an appointment for an interview, and the day before the interview, called my assistant to “negotiate” the tribute required — a mere bottle of wine. subC argued with my assistant that he was not interested in a professional session and that he did not think he should have to purchase or bring anything to the interview! I allowed subC to hear Me instruct My assistant to hang up the phone and have no further contact with him. However, he thought he would barrage Me with emails and phone calls. This upset My assistant terribly, who requested to reply to him and explain how he ruined his opportunity to be referred to a Dominant who may be better suited for him. I gave her permission to respond ONLY because this made her feel better.

Because of childish, self-centered, spoiled behavior, subB and subC not only ruined their chances to enjoy service to Me, they also ruined their opportunities to be referred to a Dominant situation that could have been just what they were looking for.

The moral of this tale is to always, always have respect and be gracious. You never know what the future holds — or doesn’t.


It should now be clear that if you truly desire to serve a Goddess, that you must exhibit divine grace yourself. Otherwise, how can you dare to think yourself worthy of consideration? Again, I am a benevolent despot and believe that education is the key to success and that knowledge is for sharing. Now you have the tools to approach a Dominant properly. I wish you well and you are welcome for this Gift.*

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