Melisande Sin DommeLinx Interview by Dirk Hooper

Questions for Melisande Sin

  1. I know from talking to you before that the BDSM scene in Poland is almost non-existent. How did you get interested in BDSM if there wasn’t much of a scene there?
  2. What made you even think of owning your own dungeon in Poland? How difficult was it to get going?
  3. Sin Sisters Dungeon is known especially for extended stay sessions. Please tell us more about that.
  4. What kind of scenarios have you come up with for people who visit your dungeon or when you’re on the road?
  5. How would you describe your style of domination? What are your favorite scenes like?
  6. You have such a unique look because of your tattoos. When did you did you get your first tattoo, what makes you interested in expressing yourself in that way, and what’s your best tattoo story?
  7. You produce a lot of your own fetish content that you post on your OnlyFans page. As an award-winning professional photographer I can tell that there’s a lot of creativity and attention to detail that goes into that content. Can you tell us what kind of content that you produce, and what your process is?
  8. Part of your brand includes an interest in couture fashion and latex, and an adventure lifestyle that includes luxury, horses, travel, and so on. Can you talk a little about your interests outside of kink, and how you incorporate it into your kink lifestyle?
  9. One of my favorite subjects is trying to help inform and educate vanilla, or curious women about the advantages of being a dominant woman. If you were to speak directly to women who didn’t understand female domination or were just curious, what would you say were some of the best things about being a dominant woman?
  10. More than almost anyone else I’ve ever met, and especially for someone who is so young, you have so many interesting and fascinating projects and ventures that you have on the horizon. Please tell us about some things that you’re working on for the future.
  11. Bonus round: What’s your favorite movie, book, or music? You’re welcome to answer all of those or just whatever you prefer.
Mistress Melisande Sin

About Melisande Sin

Melisande Sin is a proud member and founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon in Gdansk Poland. She is a lifestyle and professional dominatrix with much more experience than her young age would indicate. She’s also a savvy business person with aspirations to open another facility in Poland, and more in Europe. She’s a professional fetish model and a content producer. She travels extensively to Europe, the United States, and Dubai. Her own style is about adventure, lifestyle, and being your FemDom Boss.

Links to Melisande Sin

Melisande Sin Website
Sin Sisters Dungeon

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