Mistress Daria DommeLinx Interview by Dirk Hooper

Questions for Mistress Daria

  1. Let’s go back 18 years and tell us what made you interested in BDSM and how you got started as a professional dominatrix.
  2. How did you learn early on?
  3. What’s changed in the business from then to now? Do you think it’s better now or then?
  4. How would you describe your style of domination? What are your favorite scenes?
  5. You have an exceptionally extensive list of skills as a domme. I know from shooting with you that it includes equestrian scenes, medical scenes, bondassage, and much more. What drives you to learn so much? Is it personal or merely professional.
  6. I’ve known you for a while and I can tell the audience that you’re a very intelligent and driven business person. Please tell the audience and aspiring dommes what it takes to make it in this business and to keep your business going for two decades.
  7. You have a kinky rental property called The Meridian. I know you have a lot of events coming up there. What inspired you to open a bnb for the fetish crowd? What are your facilities like? What are some of the events you have coming up at The Meridian?
  8. You’ve given a lot back to the community through workshops, and outreaches to other dommes, building events, and trying to educate people over the years. Why is that important to you?
  9. You just started a podcast with Mistress Montana called Whipsmart Dommetalk, please tell us more about that.
  10. What do you think is the great misconception, by the general public, about professional dominatrices?
  11. Bonus round: What’s your favorite movie, book, or music? You’re welcome to answer all of those or just whatever you prefer.
Mistress Daria

About Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria is a Dallas based a Professional Dominatrix. She has been practicing the BDSM Arts for the past 18 yrs in Texas and abroad. She frequently travels Texas and many other states seeking quality fetish interactions. She is the headmistress and owner of the Meridian, her Dallas dungeon that she rentals to couples, pros and photographers.

She is actively engaged in the fetish community both locally and nationally. She invites any interested parties seeking professional sessions, mentorship or collaboration of any kind to interact with her via her website.

Together with Mistress Montana she hosts a podcast called Whipsmart Domme talk that can be heard via the podcast RSS feed page of her website.

Links to Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria’s Website
Mistress Daria’s Twitter
The Meridian in Dallas Website
The Meridian on Twitter
The Meridian on Instagram

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