Travel News: Domina Mari Visits Toronto April 24-26th

She may be petite but she packs a punch.

Alpha Dominatrix Domina Mari will be bringing her skillful hand to Toronto next weekend for a tour with Mistress Mystique starting April 24th and ending on the 26th.

Cunning and cruel, she spares no bottom. Sadistic and seductive, this femme fatale is devoted to nothing but leather and the spirit of divine pleasure. She has an insatiable hunger and curiosity to unveil your secrets and unearth your darkest desires. She will hurt your ego, en anglais et en français. 

A rising star in the Canadian BDSM scene, Domina Mari asserts that her authenticity and unique approach is what keeps the clients at her knees. She is a big believer in D/s dynamics as a space for release and transcendence.

When it comes to her play style, she enjoys highlighting the transformative aspects of BDSM  “Domination is a humbling experience in honesty, patience, and self-acceptance. Consider me your guide. In manipulating your emotional, physical and psychological thresholds, I can help you explore your true self. Regardless of your experience level, trust in me to break you in with graceful expertise and build you back up.”

She is particularly skilled in the art of roleplay, currently preferring to play with heavy masochists, cross-dressers and roleplay aficionados. “I’ve been really enjoying domestic discipline scenes, as a way to motivate my bottoms to better themselves. I also have a soft spot for medical fetishism. Anything that allows my clients to zero in and focus on the feelings they are enduring for me.”

If you are interested in serving Domina Mari, contact her at or by email at

You can also keep up with her at these social media outlets:

Twitter: @domina_mari
Onlyfans: @dominatrix
Instagram: @domina_mari

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning fetish photographer, award-winning professional writer, audiobook narrator, podcasting producer and host, journalist for the fetish community, BDSM mentor, and adult personal branding and marketing consultant for Sexy Networking.
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